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    • We are going to the same for the Unit as we did for Produce 101. There are way to many idols for us on that program and MIXNINE to go through and add that to each persons profile when the programs will be over is a few months anyways. ~ James

  1. They are officially in their second generation ;( I loved Siyoung and Jiwoo so much it sucks! However their reason of leave is very true, and I hope they can return when they are better, however I am not trying to control others here. Love Wanna.B ;(

  2. Roeun’s real name is Lee Min Ji. (10:08)
    And Ami says that she is the youngest member at 12:30, but Eunsom also says she is the youngest member at 14:25, so I’m not sure who the real maknae is.

    • Thank you for giving the times! I really appreciate it! I’ll get it updated!
      Ami and Eunsom are probably both born in 1994, making them both the maknae since Koreans count birth year, not date, for age.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I’m not sure what you want us to update their profile with – we don’t do “fun facts” one our site because there are too groups to keep up with fun facts and the regular profile updates and information too
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We have seen the news, we just don’t have time to update their page or research about the new members until this weekend. Please give us some time to get everything done. ~James

      • If you guys constantly give the excuses “you don’t have time” or “your life is busy” etc etc, why not take on some people to help you with the site instead of just making excuses for everything? I also noticed that a lot of times a member of a group is an obvious “vocal” and you guys say “N/A”. Do you really need an official source to tell you a member is a singer when they already sing on songs?

      • The news about Wanna.B broke out when all 3 of us was working. Manwon & James are teachers and I’m working in a doctor’s office so we can’t just stop in the middle of our work to change the information on our site. We got like 5-6 comments about the same thing so that’s why James asked everybody to be patient a little bit.
        As for the positions we do need official confirmation since there are a tons of groups who keep changing the positions with every comeback so without official source we can never be 100% sure about position (or based on your logic we could call everybody a vocal/dancer since every member sings and dance :P) – Katie

      • Anytime 😀 I wouldn’t have practically any knowledge over KPOP without this site! I’d be glad to help anytime 😀

    • I found that she is ~ the company never gave her birth year so I just never changed who I knew to be the maknae before ~ we’ll get their profile updated!
      Thanks for letting us know!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Their first song was a pre-release single. Most groups consider their first stage on one of the major music programs like Show Champion, Inkigayo, etc. as their debut and not date of release of their first song. There are exceptions so if Wanna.B is one of them we will make changes accordingly. ~James

    • I was able to confirm that she was in NEP – but I do want to let you know for future reference that we don’t accept videos to prove that someone was in a group or not because it’s too easy to be wrong just by saying “they look the same”. But thank you! We will get that added!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Sorry, I should have found some clarification, but thanks for adding it! Next time I will get clarification