11 comments on “Pritz

  1. I’m really disappointed the may have disbanded. Their company messed them up badly, but they were the girl group Korea needed, tbh. Even though they had a BabyMetal sound, they could have really made a niche for themselves if promoted correctly and their company wasn’t dense. Long live, PRITZ!

  2. Pritz is short for “Pretty Rangers In the Terrible Zone.” They say so themselves in the first comment for Sora Sora

    • That was a song that was used to promote an RPG game, and therefore doesn’t count as part of their discography. We do not include any songs that are used to promote, games, tv shows, movies, products, sports teams etc. ~James

    • I am sorry I keep having to edit your comments! But we really do need sources, especially if we get lots of comments, it becomes stressful to have to go find everything without sources! We were able to confirm parts of this comment, and will add their twitters when we have time! So thank you for the twitters! We do appreciate the help.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • From what I can find Hana and ChiU are two very different people. They even have different birthdays from what I could find. Do you have any official links? As far as I can tell they are different people.

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