10 comments on “Atomic Kiz (AKZ)

    • I have seen no confirmation that he has left but I have notices that he has not been with them in Japan for quite some time. We’re hoping that they come back to korea soon and we kcan know one way or another. I hope its just a hiatus…AKZ was one of my favorite debutes ~James

      • Yeah I became a fan ever since their debuT! Sad ’cause Seong Gong hasn’t been performing with them in Japan (he probably left) and then there’s the matter with J.Per. It’s impossible for him to stay in the group.

      • It does appear Seong Gong has left the group with how he has been absent from promotions (I am of the mindset that he is probably out), but since they haven’t returned to Korea for any promotions I can’t be certain he is out…there’s a small (super small) chance that he now only promotes in Korea with them, and won’t be promoting in Japan with them…though I think we will move him to former members and add an addendum to it

        As for J.Per – it’s definitely not impossible for him to stay in the group. The news reports has stated he has been released – this type of drunk fighting is more common than you would think in Korea (witnessed a young boy get in a fight with a taxi driver myself here), and there’s no reason beyond the group kicking him out for him to not be able to return to promoting with Atomic Kiz.

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