10 comments on “A.Cian

    • I believe that Sanghyun is doing his military service, and it was announced in July that Hyuk Jin had enlisted by the company, so there is a strong chance that the members are still under contract but the group will be on hiatus for a while. Whether or not they come back in after the military is another question, and one I can’t answer. ~ James

    • I’ve heard that Wings Entertainment is one of the confirmed companies for the Unit, so it is extremely likely that some A.cian members will join.

  1. OMG THANK YOU!!!!! I swear I have been looking EVERYWHERE for at least a semi-updated profile on A.Cian. Its so hard considering they arent that well known TT~TT

    • Trust us we know how it goes. Poor Manwon^^ does all the research and for these smaller groups it takes her hours sometime to just find a name. I don’t think….I know, I don’t have the patience to do that.
      We are so glad this has been helpful for you!!!!!!

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