8 comments on “Purfles

    • Amor Fati means “Love your fate” and I think she is using the term in a more philosophical sense. I saw that on her instagram a few days ago and checked but there was no indication that she was actually in the group. And that group goes by “A-Fati” now too, which adds to my belief that she just means that she “loves her fate”. I hope that all makes sense ~
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. I really wish their company could upload all their artists song on the U.S iTunes stores. Heyne’s songs got put on the U.S stores because they worked with 1theK but ever since they haven’t worked together, they have’nt posted any songs on the U.S stores. And none of Purfles songs were ever put on the U.S stores. The somoany would he making so much more money if they put those songs on the U.S stores I just don’t get why they can’t don’t do it already ;-;

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