7 comments on “Queen B’Z / Nora-Born

    • A Global Fanclub group made a fan name of B’Zer…that is not the official fanclub name given by the company or group – it’s just a name the fans use currently, not the official fanclub name.

  1. Actually Queen b’z have a comback in the last year the mv name is “2014 wishes” and the album name is sweet memories , can you add this informations please please and thanks

    • We do know about that album. It is actually a collaboration album with Byeon Jin Seop. We don’t add collaboration discgraphy to our artist discography because it doesn’t belong to just one artist. So that is why it is not included here. I hope you can understand our reasoning.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Jini’s name is a stage name, and I have been unable to find her real name. I have been able to confirm the other girls’ names and will get them updated. For future reference, it would make my job much easier if you can include links to official sites to source your information. We will start editing comments that don’t provide sourced information to exclude that information. Just wanted to let you know. We take pride in getting all of our information from only official sources so that we include the most official information possible. I hope that you can understand our reasoning for requesting sources.
      ~ Manwon^^

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