10 comments on “Gavy NJ

  1. Si Hyun is out 😦 She decided not to renew her contract. They said this on allkpop but I believe them this time 😦

    • Thank you we will definitely use this to help pull together the profile for Goddess! I hope you have seen that we got it added to the request list! It should be up in a couple of weeks
      ~ Manwon^^

      • As of now Goddess as a group hasn’t been active for quite some time. There was one special release earlier this year with one of the members of Goddess, one from Gavy NJ and one other labelmate. That to us is not an indication that the group is still together or if they will become active again anytime soon. So for now we are not going to make a profile for them, if they do come back then we will. ~James

      • Also, this isn’t a request but there’s this group called Live High and they debuted back in 2013 with Hakunamata and they are going to make their first comeback after three years of inactivity this month. Just thought you might want to know 🙂

      • That is interesting to know – when requests are open feel free to request them! As of right now I want to focus on getting some of the profiles updated and getting more official links up too ~ so I just don’t have time for that profile at the moment
        ~ Manwon^^

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