11 comments on “Target

  1. Sadly two of the members birthdays have been rearranged somehow? It’s not your fault but probably the agency fault it’s on there home page you should take a look.

    • We’ll get that fixed asap – it’s odd because I remember that two of the members of Target have the same birthday – James even asked me about it when the profile first went up…so I don’t know what happened…I feel like there is a ghost who must have changed it ~ thanks for pointing it out! We’ll get it fixed!
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. Hello there’s news on targets facebook that G.I is now under a hip hop group from the same agency & left the group check it out.

    • According to the facebook the hiphop group is just a project group, and G.I is still listed on the post as a member of Target. But we will add to his profile that is is also in this group. And when we have time we will try to make a profile for Triplow!
      ~ Manwon^^

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