13 comments on “Target

    • I saw their cheer guide for that song a few weeks ago, however they have yet to release an MV or the song on any korean music site. I cannot figure out if that is a song for their korean discography or their japanese discography. Until i can figure that out there isn’t much that I can do. ~James

  1. Sadly two of the members birthdays have been rearranged somehow? It’s not your fault but probably the agency fault it’s on there home page you should take a look.

    • We’ll get that fixed asap – it’s odd because I remember that two of the members of Target have the same birthday – James even asked me about it when the profile first went up…so I don’t know what happened…I feel like there is a ghost who must have changed it ~ thanks for pointing it out! We’ll get it fixed!
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. Hello there’s news on targets facebook that G.I is now under a hip hop group from the same agency & left the group check it out.

    • According to the facebook the hiphop group is just a project group, and G.I is still listed on the post as a member of Target. But we will add to his profile that is is also in this group. And when we have time we will try to make a profile for Triplow!
      ~ Manwon^^

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