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      • It is the point but they don’t usually announce that anyone has actually left like they did with Saerom, who is now back. Most fans don’t know that that is the point of the group either, so we always have to spend a lot of time double checking if someone actually left or not. ~James

  1. This is Dami’s instagram:
    Also in this recent post she is having a meal with Saerom, so maybe she isn’t out. Or at least if she is, they are still on good terms. She still comments on posts related to Switch

  2. Switch now have an official Instagram! switch_official_

    Also, Saerom has removed all mentions of Switch from her profile and changed her name from switch_saerom to vitamin_rom. switch_official_ follows all of the other 8 members but it doesn’t follow Saerom and a recent group photo only has 8 members instead of the full 9, so Saerom probably left the group. Nice to see them all together though, they’re usually split up into smaller units as Switch for different performances! 😛

  3. Saerom was a member of Switch when the came out with the music videos for Bikini and 39*

    스위치 coming soon

    A post shared by 권민서(담이)-스위치 (@switchdami) on

    I think the who’s who pages are wrong. Sujung must have left when they were a trio. Same with Yora. Duyoo is in the music videos for 39* and Bikini, not Yora

    • Thanks! This group was super annoying to cap when we first made the profile for this group because they had already started switching members and hadn’t released that info that we could find. ~James

  4. Switch added a new member named Jenny, her Instagram is: switch_jenny

    She is formerly of the dance group TwoL under the name SeulGi 🙂

  5. I think Yerin and Dami left. They only promote with Switch Berry and Dayoung. Also Yerin and Yerim are too simular, they have to be the same person

    • Without some sort of proof outside of they look too similar, we will not make any assumption. Perhaps they are identical twins with similar names, maybe one girl just got a lot of plastic surgery. Maybe its pure luck. Maybe they are the same girl. If Switch comes back and they are not with the group, or there is an official annoucement we will update their profile, but as I said earlier it is really hard with this group to say “these girls have not been performing for a few months so they must be out.” ~James

    • The problem with Switch is the entire concept for the group is that they “Switch” out members. Unless the group makes an announcement, we can’t really say for sure that members have left. We know that the former members we have listed are former members, because they are not listed anywhere on the company page or anything and have been removed from the groups Naver page. Currently Naver, Daum, and their official site has all of the current members listed ~James

      • I’ve seen everyone but Dami perform lately, which is normal, Dami’s the CEO and is busy a lot, but she always pops up on the next single. 🙂 she’s never too active live. Also, recently, TwoL’s SeulGi has began performing with Switch, photos of her with Switch are on her Instagram. TwoL disbanded, so I don’t know if she might join Switch later on officialy. Two ex TwoL girls are now in StepGirl.

  6. I’m so disappointed with this comeback, its just loads of cute raps in every verse then a one bit of vocal at the beginning of the chorus… Its sad really because their dancing was great and the backing track could of be their ticket to be more of a mid tier group, or at least gain them recognition. I just wished that there was more vocal especially strong vocals because that rapping let it down.

  7. Switch has added a new member named Gayoung and is scheduled for a comeback on July 4th with “Fiesta Loca”. Her IG is: switch_gayoung

    • We honestly thought the same thing when Switch had the big line-up change a while back, and thought that she just changed the last letter of her name, but we can’t confirm it any way or we would have changed it. All we have to go off of is that the two are the same height and look kinda the same, but half the girls in the group kinda look the same, so there isn’t much we can do. ~James

      • But their name in hangul is the same. They are about the same weight, the exact same height, and the exact same face. I watch the MV for Bikini and the MV for Fiesta Loca and I swear they’re the same person. Maybe there was a mistranslation from Korean to English.

      • So, I did some intense facebook stalking and found old pictures of her with the group around their debut time ~ so I think there was a typo from the original source I used – we did get it updated! I also found out she was in the group LXIA back in 2012 ~ so we got that page updated!
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Great work! Sorry to put you through so much trouble. I was just like, they have to be the same person.

  8. They are either making a sub unit or a name change, but the members are definitely new, and there under Dam Entertainment, same as APL

    • Same girls – just a sub-unit of Switch with only five of the members from Switch joining Switch Berry while the other two remain part of Switch. There has been no line-up change though, one girl changed her stage name to Yeon-I instead of Seo Yeon, even though in pictures she still wears a name tag that say Seo-Yeon.

      • **edited to remove unofficial link**

        I wanted to point that Switchberry’s new single “Shake” is actually not a new song at all, it’s Switch’s debut single from 2013. In the link above is the original version by Switch, uploaded back in 2013. :/ This is kind of confusing..

      • It’s actually pretty simple – Switch re-recorded their song “Shake” for Switch Berry as their debut song. So there’s a 2013 version and a 2016 version.
        ~ Manwon^^

    • It seems Switch has had a huge line-up change – and they do (as their name implies) switch out members for various performances it seems. We will get profiles up for the other members soon
      ~ Manwon^^

  9. Well it would be quite unique for a Korean group 🙂 (If I’m right APeace is the only group that rotating the members but they are more active in Japan then in Korea)

  10. I read somewhere that some of the members were part of the girl group La_TTE under Starcubic Entertainment. Or is it a redebut under a new name and under a new company??? They seem to use La_TTE’s old Daum so I’m a bit confused. Can you please help me clarify it??? 🙂

    • I did some research, and yes, a few of the girls are former La_TTE members – Switch is an interesting group because they are not just an idol group – i all there’s 11 girls who fall under the umbrella of Switch – three of which I can confirm were part of La_TTE – only two of those girls are in the idol group Switch – while the third is in the dance group ~ I will add the info now though ~
      ~ Manwon^^

      • 11 girls????…….Then is it possible that they will “switch” the members??? 😀
        Or is this 4 member fixed and the dance group is a separate unit??? 🙂

      • hahahaha, I know its crazy, we are not sure if they will or will not “switch” the members, we’re going to wait and see what they do for their comeback.

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