13 comments on “LedT (Formerly: LED Apple)

  1. Do you know if the members plan on debuting in another group? LedApple’s song How Dare You popped in my head so I thought I’d check out the latest on this group. I wasn’t expecting to find the news of their disbandment. This is disappointing, I really hope they continue to chase their dreams. I’m really sorry for them that they couldn’t reach their goal :/

    • I don’t know about any of the members plans as of now. Hanbyul has said he was going to go solo but that was forever ago and he hasn’t yet done anything. ~James

  2. Kyo has left the group, on their member time line his line has stopped moving since around June where as the other 3 members lines have moved till 2016 and it now says he’s a past member. Also in a group photoshoot they have done today he’s not there (I think it’s for their new album) so their currently only 3 members

  3. Led Apple has announced that along with Kyumin staying they have one new member whose name is Kyo Sung and they are going to promote as a 4-piece band for now.

    Also they’ve changed their stage names
    Youngjun >>> JUN
    Kyumin >>> Kei
    Hyoseok >>> AKi
    Kyo Sung >>> Kyo

    Kyo Sung’s profile 😀

    Also their positions:

    JUN: Hello. I’m guitarlist, vocalist and Ledapple’s leader JUN..
    Kei: I’m vocalist Kei in charge of the instrument called Keytar.
    AKi: I’m rapper and drum AKi.
    Kyo: I’m Kyo, the person in charge of bass and keyboard.

    Some new photos with the new member 😀


    Also here’s a cover image of the whole band: