12 comments on “LABOUM

      • I fixed the link that the commenter told me was incorrect, I was not aware that there were multiple incorrect links. It is much more helpful to be told a link is not correct on the actual page that there is an incorrect link. If for some reason you cannont comment on that page please let us know so that we can enable comments on the pages so that we can then enable those comments. ~ James

      • It’s okay, it’s my bad. I just never saw anyone commenting on the who’s who pages, so thought I’ll comment where everyone else does. Thank you for your hard work m(_ _)m

      • Yeah the profiles seem to be the only places that people comment, which is fine, but especially when it comes to broken links, if I’m told a link is broken I assume that its the link on the page that was commented on. taking care of 5000000000000000000+ links is a nightmare ~ James

    • I know. I saw them teasing for it a few days ago. Unfortunately i can’t do anything untill hopefully friday at the earliest . I still havent been able to do CNBLUE. Please be patient ~James

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