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  1. I can’t wait for their comeback, my first K-Pop girl group, which thanks to them I’m in K-Pop

  2. Hii, I know you are busy working, when you’re free, what do you think about my first letter? Be honest

    Before I was Alice, the one who didn't knew how to defend herself from death threads and hits I took and now I'm Alice, stronger then a rock, who can defend herself from hurting words, who can write sweet stuff to the one i love and I'm very thankful to some Idols of K-Pop Ladies' Code, BIGBANG, SNSD/Girls' Generation, Badkiz, BTS, MONSTA X, ASTRO, KNK and @nati_natina Nati, Ugly Fat Goat♡ Ladies' Code, they made me accept the future, in his reality, BIGBANG, they saved my life, SNSD/Girls', Generation, with "Girls" I understood it was useless to go backwards, and it was better to go ahead with life, Badkiz, with "Ear Attack" I understood I had to ignore what people say to me, with them I became stronger, BTS, thanks to NamJoon I have no shame in talking English and thanks to Hoseok I have no shame in dancing with my friends, when I listen to their songs they gave me motivation, they are my coffee, MONSTA X, thanks to WonHo I know how to defend myself and the one I care, thanks to JooHeon I know how to write sweet words, thanks to I.M I got better at my favourite language, English, when I listen to their songs I get sleep really quick, they are my lullaby, ASTRO and KNK, when I'm sad I listen to their songs or I watch to their videos I became happy and they my medicine, Nati, always make me happy when she send messages too another people who are specials for me, thanks to K-Pop I known people specials: Vanessa, Tony and Molly. #OMGMyIdolsLetters

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    And also on 19th of June 2018 I’ll post another letter but is more longest than this one so this is why I asked what do you think about my first letter

    • Thanks, I saw that account last week when i was trying to verify a different account for her, but at that time no1 followed it, not at least Ashley and Zuny follow her. ~James

  3. Ladies Code is celebrating their 4th anniversary today (March 7th) so I guess it’s not the 8th?

  4. R.I.P, EunB & Rise eonniedeul. I don’t even know if ladies code should continue or disband. Royal Pirates continued, so there might be a chance that Ladies Code will too. I’m sure Rise and EunB would want Ladies Code to continue.

    • Right, the girls are all super talented and I also think Rise and EunB would support the girls however they all decide to continue on. Maybe they won’t stay as Ladies Code and they will change their name like Royal Pirates, maybe they will. I just don’t

    • Yes, we heard about her passing a few hours ago, we just haven’t been at a computer yet today. We were very sad to hear about everything the girls have been through. Our thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by this.