19 comments on “Red Velvet

  1. Wendy is just Korean, not Korean-Canadian. :)) She just lived in Canady for a few years but she is pure Korean 🙂

    • We’ll get that update! The SMRookies page makes is seem like she is Korean-Canadian ~ but we did some more research and you are totally right! We’ll get that updated! Thank you for bringing it to our attention!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Where and when was this announced, because we follow Soompi, AKP, One Hallyu as well as several korean entertainment news sources, and the only news that we have seen and can find was made last year may announcing that Red Velvet would be getting a fanclub name which then enraged F(x) fans even more than they had been for years. I have never seen any announcement giving Red Velvet’s official fanclub name as of yet. ~James

  2. Do you think you could include their official colors? Such as Joy being green, Yeri being purple, etc. Thank you!

    • I have never seen any announcements that these colors are actually official colors for each member. I know that they dyed their hair those colors, but I can’t confirm that the girls are each official associated with those colors. If you have an official link that states that the girls have official colors we will add them.
      ~ Manwon^^

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