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  1. Unfortunately, I think A.KOR has disbanded. From what I can tell, their last activities was in January and it looks like all their accounts also stopped updating around early January except for akorlovely, which changed its name to officialstlent. Around last month, Jiyoung deleted her Instagram and it was said Minju and Kemy made new Instagrams (I’m looking into the last part) and do not follow each other or STL. While Minju and Kemy’s old IGs still exist, they haven’t been updated since last December and STL unfollowed Minju and Kemy last month and none of the followed accounts are A.KOR members. Jiyoung’s Instagram definitely closed and I messaged the person who originally mentioned Minju and Kemy’s new accounts, I’ll see if I can find those for any reference.

    Well, they do follow each other bit STL doesn’t follow them or vice versa.

    • I would have to agree – it does appear that they are disbanded, and since the girls appear to want a fresh start I am going to avoid posting their new instagrams here in case any of the bullies decide to continue bothering Kemy.

      • Thank you for doing that, I didn’t think on that myself. ^-^” A.KOR were planning a comeback, on akorgram, they announced they were releasing their first mini album in 2016 but, when 2NE1 disbanded, the hate for Kemy refueled and then this happened. I really feel the haters drove them to disband and that’s terrible, I even saw Daya getting called ugly over this. It’s so pathetic I hope Bulldok don’t end up this way too. 😦 A.KOR were so great.. I hoped for so long they could return and prove haters wrong but I respect their choice to move away from this. Their health and well being means more to me than this.

  2. A.KOR made a post on their IG today saying that they will no longer be using akorgram, their new IG account is akorlovely 🙂

    Also, Jiyoung and Kemy changed their IG names:

    Jiyoung: jiyoung.0414
    Kemy: kemykeem

  3. A.KOR has an official Instagram now called “akorgram”, which doesn’t have any posts yet, but was announced on their official Facebook page. Strangely, the account only follows Minju, Kemy and Jiyoung, so I think that’s probably where the new rumor about Da Ya possibly leaving started, also, a recent A.KOR photo only has Minju, Kemy and Jiyoung in it. I hope everything’s okay with them..

    • Thanks for letting us know about the IG. Unfortunately there are a number of reasons that the group account doesn’t follow all the members and that only a few are not in the latest picture. There however has been no announcement that either girl has left, so we really can’t do much aside for wait for the girls to comeback or hope there is some announcement one way or the other. ~James

    • All we know is that she is currently undergoing physical therapy. We do not know weather she will return to the group after her physical therapy or if she is out for good. There has been no official statement from the group/company. ~James

  4. Ddi Taehee left A.kor?
    I been checking their Facebook page lately and they post something new on the October 7.

    • Honestly at this time I can’t confirm 100% that she’s left. It appears she has left the group, but I also know she’s currently in physical therapy – so I don’t know if she is on hiatus or out of the group…I will continue to look in to this to hopefully find an official source with an answer soon! Sorry I can’t be more helpful!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I have been able to confirm the information you sent, but we do ask that for our own sanity that you please source your information in the future.
      ~ Manwon^^

  5. Hi Kpopinfo114 team, I was just wondering do you guys have all album cover in png and picture size 1500×1500 or bigger? Because my phone is a galaxy s5 and when I turn on my phone to see the album cover, it very blurry. Do you guys know any website for high quality album cover? or do you guys have one? Just asking. (Sorry about this it just bug me off on my phone seeing a album cover blurry)

    • Most of the album art scaled down from the original size. Almost all of our album art is from Melon so whatever size they were on melon should be the full sized picture. Try clicking on the album arts to see them full sized.

  6. Is there any picture of A.Kor album cover? When I click on discography, it send me back to Who’s Who page of A.kor

    • Thank you for telling us! We have had another comment about that too^^ I just haven’t had time to double check from official sources ~ I will hopefully get that updated tonight! And thank you for your sweet comment!
      ~ Manwon^^

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