29 comments on “4L (Four Ladies)

    • I ain’t admin here ut as far as I know
      They debuted last year in November with a song called ”Get Down (version2)”
      The entertainment is HY entertainment..
      Members are Chani, Rain, I.N, Ina, and DaEun
      Can’t say more, sorry :/

      • It does appear the group is still together and they are working on a new album for this year currently – but they went quiet about a month ago.
        ~ Manwon^^

      • I know this is Ureka related and not exactly 4L, but for anyone who sees this and is still wondering, Ureka finally updated their Facebook today with new photos from a recent performance! 😀

    • The one new photo they posted isn’t even of the girls of 4L. If they are coming back there has probably been a massive line-up change because Yeseul and Chany left the group and the other two are either in a sub-unit or become JYoung. we’ll keep an eye out as well, but as of now it doesn’t really seem like much to go off of. ~James

      • ..I just realized who that second photo was.Forgive me, it’s been a long day xD it’s weird, they’ve posted (aside from the second photo) on and off 4L stuff, then they wipe it.. then repost. I wonder why though? It keeps appearing in my feed. Strange.. hoping that admin over there is okay. XD

  1. Chany is in girl group called ureka and they already debuted in november with the song ” get down ver 2 ” and it was the same song of girl group debuted in 2012 called ruby and i checked that out and ureka is under the same label that was ruby under ” hy entertainment “

    • Right now requests are closed. We are trying to get our site all situated for 2017. Please wait to tell us about groups we do not have profiles. The sooner we can get that done the sooner we can open requests, then you will be able to make requests. ~James

  2. Sorry for two comments, I need to correct something! The article claiming INSTAR has 7 members got mixed up with an article about a K-Pop group called Bebe, so please disregard that part.

    There are, however, 3 different fancams of INSTAR performing “Move”, and after examining them, there appears to actually be 3 members: Jayoung, J-Na and the third girl appears to be Yeseul. Chany is not with them, so it does appear she is out. There are also photos of Jayoung and J-Na wearing outfits very similar to these in the video on her IG at 4ljayoung, maybe we’ll hear more about this soon. Again, so sorry for two comments, I made a mistake in the last one!

    • Actually you are correct Instar is 7 people – Be.Be was the groups name before – now they are Instar. (I think the company combined two groups together)
      Unfortunately, I can’t use a fan cam for any sort of official source for a couple of reasons (they are poor quality making is hard to see faces, and just because someone looks like someone else doesn’t mean it is actually that person).
      I do believe 4L has disbanded – and I do believe that the girls are probably now in Instar. I will keep looking in to it and see what I can find – but as of now I just want you to know there’s not much I can go on – especially since it appears their company is just getting both a new boy group and new girl group organized (the company site is still being updated and as of now lacks all information on the two groups).
      We will do our best to get this all confirmed – since I do also strongly believe it to be them and want to get everything as up to date as possible! Thank you for sharing this with us! I appreciate it!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Instar was said to have debuted May 1st, I’ve yet to find the single for sale but they did perform their debut single called “Booty Booty”, which amazingly uses a Black Eyed Peas rap section in it. The group appears to be made up of all 7 members originally of Be.Be, but no 4L members, so I do not think they’re in this group. Jayoung and J-Na are still posting pictures together and a recent Jayoung IG update appears to be taken inside a studio with someone, so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon!

        As for Instar, I’m having issues finding member names or information ^-^” but it’s clear none of the girls in the photos and videos now are any 4L members.

      • I don’t think they’ve debuted yet – they’ve been performing (which is common for groups to do before debut if they are from smaller companies) – but I haven’t found any evidence anywhere that they have actually debuted. I know the girls names, but I don’t know which girl goes to which face, so I have yet to make a profile for them.
        I think more information will be released as they get closer to debut.
        ~ Manwon^^

  3. people are saying that Jayoung also left and that there are two new girls. that their official page has the picture uploaded, but i can’t seem to find it.

    • From all the official sites I have checked – their facebook, daum cafe, and company site, I can’t find any information that Jayoung is out. I will keep checking though.

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