9 comments on “MBLAQ / G.O & Mir / G.O

  1. I read somewhere before that J Tune doesn’t exist anymore.. doesn’t that mean MBLAQ is disbanded as well?

    • It does not mean that they are disbanded. Right now G.O and Mir are in the military, so its going to be a while before there is really any MBLAQ news, but they could come back and join up with the Seungho and promote as MBLAQ again, they might not. I don’t know what they will end up doing, but just because a company is gone doesn’t mean the group is gone. ~James

    • Moos is on the MBLAQ page because it’s his voice on their debut CD – not Cheondung’s voice. So Moos’ voice can be heard on the album and in the MV. MBLAQ did several interviews a few years back where Cheondung talks about having to try to imitate Moos’ voice because he didn’t record the album with MBLAQ. Because Moos’ voice is on the CD is why we added him here. I hope this makes sense, I feel like I might have rambled a bit.
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. OMG I wanna cry now!!!! T_T

    I hope the recent news aren’t true!!! I mean I’m ok if they go to the army or if Lee Joon and Thunder sign with a different agency for their solo activity, but at the same time I want MBLAQ to stay together as a group!!!!

    • I know, it greatly saddens me too. We’re waiting for some official statement from J.Tune before we change anything. Last I read J.Tune was not confirming or denying anything. This one hurts bad.

      • Well as I said I hope they will stay together as a group under J.Tune and maybe Lee Joon can sign with another agency as an actor. If I’m right g.o.d and SS501 members did it, or is it not possible in the case of MBLAQ???? 😦

        Anyway I read they still negotiating so I hope they can find a way to avoid the complete disbandment!!!!

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