8 comments on “SM Rookies

  1. Is it true SM have 40+ boys as a line-up for NCT? I still won’t agree with the NCT idea but tbh I’m curious about the boys.

    Btw, have you check the SM Rookies App that SM launched like, several months ago? It’s totally official and it states their real name so I think you could use it as source. Only the boys tho, because SM haven’t update the girls. Or I can send you screenshots if you have e-mail. Hope that’s helping ^^

    • To be honest I haven’t looked into NCT at all because I personally really dislike the concept and we will not be making a profile for them here because it will be WAY too much to keep up with.

      I haven’t checked out the app, but I will now that I know it exists ~ hahaha^^ when time allows I will get to it
      ~ Manwon^^

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