10 comments on “Offroad / AA

  1. can u update this profile? G.I and Hun already left the group. G.I is soloist right now and Hun is on military. thank you

    • Thank you for the information! We always try to go by official profiles, and Kairos hasn’t been keeping up with the changes happening on their website ~ it’s really hard to get some information, especially with smaller groups, so all the help we can get is appreciated^^
      After I read your comment I could see in the Dream Concert pictures there were four members ~ Do you happen to know when Seunghun went in to the military? I am wondering if they have a new member or not…since dream concert was less than a month ago. Thanks again!

    • You can ignore my question about Seunghun and military ~ James found the post on the daum cafe about both G.i and Seunghun ~ and we found the new member who’s name is Gang San through the dream concert pictures and a video on Offroad’s official youtube channel^^
      ~ Manwon^^

      • i’m sorry, I’m not check my blog often so I didnt get the notif, I’m not ignore you, I just knowing about daewon since nakhun introduce him, from what I know G.I is soloist in japan, I saw some picture of him in some event in japan. I dont know about the other, yeah its hard to find any info or news about small group TT__TT

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