14 comments on “B.I.G

    • Yes I know I check melon and YT multiple times a day even if I cannot update things, I just cannot update before 8pm KST as I am not home until then. And even then I still have other things to do, so it will take a while for me to update. ~James

  1. So with this most recent comeback, Minpyo won’t be participating. He’s still in the group, right? I mean, their bus that has their new concept on it only lists the four other members.

  2. Based on observation and how they introduce themselves I think these are the positions:

    J-Hoon (Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer)
    Benji (Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper)
    Gunmin (Main Vocal, Main Dancer)
    Gookminpyo (Vocal, Visual)
    Heedo (Sub Vocal, Rapper, Maknae)

    • Thanks, but until there is some sort of official announcement from the group we cannot update their information, because we only share official information from the group

    • I will make sure to check out their introduction videos to double check this information, we try to only add information based on official sites, but if it comes from them, that’s pretty official ~ hahaha ~ so I will make sure to check it out, and see what I can add based on their intro. videos ~ thanks for the heads up^^

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