4 comments on “Royal Pirates

    • I saw the post as well. For now we are going to leave James as a former member of the group because with how serious his injury is and for him to make the decision to leave it seems pretty permanent. Perhaps one day if his situation improves he might come back but for now it seems like RP is going to move on without him. If that day comes we will update their page again, but untill then we will just have to wish him health and happiness and hope they come quickly. ~James (not from RP, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

    • That is really heartbreaking news, but I’m glad that he is focusing on his own health. I hope he can find happiness and will greatly miss him. For future reference we do not accept All Kpop links as official sources, but made an exception because they link to the original post on James’s IG. ~James

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