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      • There is a pretty confusing article on allkpop and soompi that she’s still in but was just not back in Korea for the latest comeback. But she did say she was out on her live feed.

      • Allkpop is one of the worst new sites for fans, Soompi is usually pretty good but they miss translate things occassionally, but at least they usually link to an original article. But I trust Alex when she says “I’m out” She hopefully knows her own status better than anyone else ~ James

      • Even though wikipedia is not an official source, she was on the program Endurance in 2004 when she was 12. This should mean that she was born in 1992.

      • Then we would need a link to a video clip of that program with her on it that says that information, and maybe then we can update that. And even then its not a guarantee. Some programs are filmed a year before they air and some only a a very short time before they air ~James

      • We still can’t use that, how do you know when that program was filmed. It could have been filmed right after her birthday, before a birthday or even a year or more in advance. And if that if any of that is the case do you know if the program used her current age at the time of filming or airing. ~ James

    • Because Manwon^^ is busy right now. she has about 50 profiles to update and she does those in order or release so BP Rania is going to be one of the last ones she updates. ~James

    • We’ve actually had so many questions about Riwon that I went to double check the news articles where it stated that Riwon joined the group – but I couldn’t find them again, so it seems like they were tricked by the rumor of Riwon joining Rania – we got our pages fixed! So thank you for asking – so we could go investigate again!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • You’re welcome, I’m glad I could be of help! 😀 I know I’v e heard it before too, but every article was a rumor and I think DR Music also said it was a rumor. Unfortunately, I do fear for LPG, I’d imagine we’ll be seeing them with another all new line-up soon. 😦

      • Actually RaNiA is supposed to be the 3rd generation of Baby V.O.X not the 4th of LPG…….there are rumors that the new line-up might feature some ex-LPG members but the teasers just started to come out so we aren’t sure them yet – Katie

      • I know, I was just saying. If LPG ever comes back, they’ll have a totally new lineup, therefore the 4th generation. Also, They released the first teaser today and Jieun is now officially a member of RaNia.

      • Its because JiEun is originally a member of the 3rd Generation of LPG. So LPG fans are hoping that there will be a 4th generation of LPG. ~James

  1. Alex is the leader of Rania!
    I saw a video on youtube that Alex is still in Rania, and she and a girl behind the camera talked about Alex being the leader, This is the link to the video : **Removed unofficial link**

      • Hi, recently RaNia has performed with 3 new members (Crystal/Junghee, Jian and Ji Eun (of LPG). These 3 girls each have instagram’s that show them practicing RaNia choreography and being with Seulji and Hyeme so I think it’s safe to say they are the new members. There was also a picture uploaded from a MV set with those 5 members. Alex hasn’t been heard of due to her visa issues, so I’m sure she either won’t be in their recent comeback or she might be added again last minute.

  2. It looks like Di, T-ae and Xia have left the group. All three posted teasers on Instagram of them debuting in a new group, Ela8te, under a new company.

  3. Xia says she is no longer the maknae and Alex is the rapper. Seulgi and Hyeme didn’t mention their positions within the group (except for Hyeme being the maknae). I’m assuming their both vocals, but I’ll try to find links.

    **edited to remove link to unofficial youtube channel**

  4. Sorry admin.. I can’t comment at girlgroup RaNia, btw can you update thier profile?
    what I know them will comeback later with newest member … 🙂 thank u ❤
    **Edited by kpopinfo114 to condense comments**
    can you update this profile 🙂 … them have 2 new member and will comeback this week 🙂 thank u ^^

    • We will get that updated as soon as we can. I am normally the one who updates the currently promoting 2nd and 3rd generation profiles, and I work 12 hours a day, so it takes me some time to get around to the website which is just a hobby. But we will get it updated!
      I also just want to let you know that comments don’t appear right away on the site because we monitor and approve every comment. So you won’t see your comment until a Guru as approved it.
      Thank you for letting us know about new members to RaNia!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Unfortunately I can’t really do much at this time. I will keep a look out for more info on Hyeme and Seulji, and an official announcement from somewhere.
      If you have any more info with official links please send them on.
      ~ Manwon^^

  5. I dont know if this is any help or not but past member Joy is part of a new group called GAIA (their a Thai group) they debuted December 13th 2013

    • Thanks we’ll add that to her profile ~ though as you probably know we only deal with k-pop groups here, so we won’t be adding GAIA to our site ~ thank you again for letting us know!
      ~ Manwon^^

  6. The fanclub is not “Raniation”, that was a rumor 😮 it is A1ST, and also can you add new RaNia member Sharon? ^^”

    • we will check out all of the information for the fanclubs you gave us but if we don’t find any official sources that give that information we won’t be updating the pages, We will also look into RaNia’s new member, thanks for the info.

      • Check RaNia central, I have translated for them and they have contact with DR Music. They announced it was A1ST 🙂

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