9 comments on “SHINee / Jonghyun / Taemin

    • I understand that the news is very upsetting, I can currently barely contain my tears over this and right now I can’t bring myself to update this, because I so desperately want this to not be real. ~ James

      • I was hoping it was fake myself. I got upset when 이의수 died. I wasn’t a huge fan of Shinee, but this has just hit me hard

      • I understand your feeling .. ~
        I was in the bus when I read it, it was so hard not to cry
        He’s one of my favorite singer and shinee’s my favorite band :c

      • I can’t believe this either.. I felt sick to my stomach reading the news, my best friend is also a SHINee fan and is heartbroken.. I wish this wasn’t real..

    • Verified doesn’t always mean official, Instagram (and twitter) both verify accounts that have a significant amount of followers, but followers doesn’t always mean official. Though in the case of SHINee since members of SHINee and SM follow the account that is a much better clue that it is the groups account ~ James

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