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  1. Are you going to make a page for Idol School? I heard that their former member Kim Nayeon will participate in the show, as will former members from Awesome Baby, myB, Highteen, Tiny-G, Skarf, and Lee Haein from IBI/P101. Sorry if I sound like I’m rushing you lol, take your time

  2. Did the company name change? Because their dance practice for Angel has the JTG entertainment logo and Berry Good is on their website.

  3. They added a new member and came back with a new song. The new girl looks so much like Hwang Ayoung from Produce 101

    • Yes we know that Johyun was added to the group. Definitely not Hwang Ayoung, unless she grew 10 CM in the last few months. hahahahah. We will get her profile added when we have time. ~James

      • Lol I looked over this for a while and yeah not Hwang Ayoung. I know for sure I have seen her somewhere before, something Produce 101 related, I don’t know I can’t put my finger on it

  4. Please check member of ‘BERRY GOOD’ New line
    Taeha, Seoyul, Daye, Sehyung, Kowoon
    Former Member: Subin, Nayeon, Lera

    Seoyul (서율) 1997.11.26
    Daye (다예) 1998.2.25
    Sehyung (세형) 1998.12.13

    Information from Berry Good Official Twitter

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