6 comments on “Spica / Spica.S

    • This is just something that almost every group does when they disband one member always talks about how they are not disbanded because they want to come together again in the future…it’s a Korean culture thing…and the letters are just thank you for loving us letters. Korean nuances in this sort of situation are often misinterpreted by foreign fans.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • The Korean article states that the girls are still under contract. We’ll have wait and see what happens, but it seems like they may not be disbanded yet
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Their compaby finally made a statement 😭 They are gonna disband but they still have contract time. Also Miss A’s poster on the JYP building was replaced with Suzy’s, I think we are losing Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2NE1 and Spica in 2017 😭

      • We’ll move Spica, and in regards to Miss A, JYP updates the posters based on who is promoting – Suzy is currently promoting a solo – so we won’t jump the gun there saying Miss A is over just because JYP did what he always does when someone promotes
        ~ Manwon^^

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