4 comments on “Spica / Spica.S

    • The Korean article states that the girls are still under contract. We’ll have wait and see what happens, but it seems like they may not be disbanded yet
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Their compaby finally made a statement 😭 They are gonna disband but they still have contract time. Also Miss A’s poster on the JYP building was replaced with Suzy’s, I think we are losing Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2NE1 and Spica in 2017 😭

      • We’ll move Spica, and in regards to Miss A, JYP updates the posters based on who is promoting – Suzy is currently promoting a solo – so we won’t jump the gun there saying Miss A is over just because JYP did what he always does when someone promotes
        ~ Manwon^^

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