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    • Your English is great! And we saw that on Shinhoo’s site – I just don’t know how much I trust them currently…cause apparently there are two Jays and two Robins in BTL, plus Do.Ka is still on the site, and I know he’s out of BTL…
      We will update their page though! Thanks for sharing!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Yigyer’s situation is confusing to me, since she tweeted on January 6th saying she was back in Korea and asking fans to wait a little bit for Ye-A to return…but her letters to fans on the daum cafe have been deleted, so I guess it’s fair enough to say she is out, but I really can’t change anything on any of the profiles for Ye-A or BTL until more is given officially – Kiroy Company is not the best at keeping their sites up to date…

      Though I did check BTL’s twitter and found a picture of Yeon from an official source ~

      I wish I could do more with both of these groups, but as of yet, there’s nothing I can do – I will keep a look out for more information though! Keep us posted if you find anything officially announced somewhere!
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. YeA edit member MiA Suji Hayoung

    Hyei : Park Hyesung 박혜성
    Dohye : Hwang Dohye 황도혜
    Pier : Lee Taeyeon 이태연
    Yigyer : Hwang Hyunjin 황현진
    Kazoo : Kwon EunB 권은비
    Yerin : Lee Minjung 이민정
    HaDy : Ma Hayeon 마하연
    Chai : Kim Yoohyun 김유현
    MiA : Kim Miso 김미소 4 Feb 1995
    Suji : Kim Suji 김스지 N/A
    Hayoung : Choi Hayoung 최하영 28 Dec 1992

  2. thanks for that. another question though. who is the leader? cause in some sites it states that hyei is the leader instead of yigyer

    • I think it was mentioned earlier by another visitor but at that time we couldn’t confirm anything, and I just watched all of their videos on their YT channel, and Hyei is infact the leader. Thanks for reminding us to go and check again!!!! ~James

      • There’s a rumor that yigyer left the group to return to school. that there would still be eight members