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  1. Youngheun recently posted a letter on Instagram saying her contract expired as well?? but she also mentioned her name is Go Youngheun,, aaaa I’m so upset. Pascal was a terrible company and all six girls deserved far better

  2. Stellar have finally disbanded after 7 years 😭😭 Minhee, Hyoeun and Soyoung posted letter and their Instagrams. I feel so bad for Youngheun, she trained for years to debut and when she finally had her chance it was ended so short. At least they escaped their shitty company ;/

    • Your timing is freaky – I just updated it when your comment popped up. It is always sad when groups disband, but hopefully this can be a fresh start for these girls.
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. On the MixNine Global twitter account it is listed in this post that Youngheun is born in 1994
    I don’t know if this is the official account but I guess so

  4. Hellow there dear admins
    A little update on their social medias:
    Minhee changed both, her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/juminhee/) and her Twitter (https://twitter.com/minhee_ju)
    Hyoeun changed her Twitter to https://twitter.com/hyoni_0316_
    she also added a second account https://twitter.com/hyoni0316 (Yoori is following her here)
    While soyoung has a twitter now https://twitter.com/soyoungyimm (Official stellar, minhee and hyoeun are following her)

    • I’m not sure if Hyoeun got locked out of her twitter or what happened, but she seems to only be using her original twitter, as she has been tweeting regularly from that one. ~ James

    • Yes I just finished updating that, please be patient and give us time to update, we can’t update immediately after things happen, because we do not live on this website ~ James

  5. It’s me again, sorry^^”
    well at the album section you listed the new album as ”stellar in to the new world”
    But as far as I know (and according to Official stellar posts on twitter) it is called ”stellar into the world”

    • Yes. I don’t do any updates on until after at least 6pm KST if I don’t have work. I will get that updated later tonight when I have time ~James

    • For now we aren’t going to add that, but I have requested to follow the account so that if I am accepted I can try and verify it, but she must have it private for a reason as well so we may not update it for a while, maybe when they have their official comeback she will de-privatize it. ~James

      • I followed the account as well and she accepted me
        To me it seems pretty legit to be her since Gayoung and Minhee do follow her as well
        I don’t think it’s a fake account

      • I agree that her account does appear to be real, but I do try not to add private accounts (obviously that is not always possible with instagram, because if they become private after you follow them you still have access to all of their posts. They are only private for new followers). If or when she de-privatizes her IG I will update that. ~James

      • okay^^
        thank you for the answer!
        actually What also made me think it’s real is that the account exists long before she was announced for Stellar

  6. About Yoori’s birthyear:
    You list it as 1993 but every other profile site I looked up (since wikipedia does list it like that as well) says it is 1994
    I am bit confused and I kow you do ot take wikipedia as a source.
    May help a bit out?