17 comments on “STELLAR

    • We do not use those videos for height’s and weights (especially weight since that fluctuates a lot.) We go with whatever the company gives us because otherwise there is just too much to do and nothing else would ever get done. ~James

  1. Actually I saw that Minhyuk’s (Monsta ) height is 178.8cm
    Minhee once said in an episode of Tellarvision (stellar on v-app live, I believe episode 2) that she is about 0.1cm taller than Yoori xD
    will you update that? xD xD

    • Typically for height and weight we only go off of the official profiles since especially the younger idols grow like crazy, so its easier if we just do height and weight only from official profiles, whereas for other information we will use videos and such. ~James

  2. The pictures of MinHee and Hyoeun are interchanged: Minhees picture is above Hyoeuns name and facts and also the other way around.

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