14 comments on “BTL [Beyond the Limit] / Lee Jisu

    • Wow – you sent a lot of links! As far as Ha Neul being leader, everything I have seen makes Myo Ha the leader, and Myo Ha addresses being the leader in a number of interviews as well…I can’t find any other official positions given anywhere – if you have an official source where their positions are given please let me know!
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Do.Ka/daewon is now part ot a new group called roaboyz, he changed his instagram name to roadboyz_sky (I believe sky is his stage name) I though I would let you know

    • Thanks, we look into them and get everything updated. It may take a while so please be patient.

      On the other note, there goes my only other Bias in this group. I feel like rage quitting them because of Do.Ka and Yu-A, as well as the comeback that never happened. ~James

  2. Apparently JiSu has left? Some pages say he’s in the military but others say he’s left and wont be coming back after, do you know if anything official has been said?

    • Thank you for letting us know! We have been very busy and haven’t been able to update as often as we would like ~ We will get to this quickly!
      Thank you again
      ~ Manwon^^