17 comments on “L.A.U (formerly LU:KUS)

    • J.One is in the Military. Pretty sure he can’t promote with them for another year and a half. So without him and Jinwan who already left they do have three active members who are preparing a comeback. ~James

  1. I will always support my boys, regardless of what they call themselves. I can’t wait for a comeback! Maybe they will finally get another video, too…

    • From everything that we have read it has been said the members were going to the military. The announcement that I read on LuKus’ fb is not very clear on weather all 5 members are going to be in LAU or some members have joined and will be part of a new 5 member group. Once we know more we will update/change things as necessary ~James

      • on kyungjin’s post about it he hashtagged it with all of their names, so im assuming they’re still the five members. i cant read the rest of it so i dont know if there’s info on the military but at least there’s that. ^^

      • It appears their former company just straight up lied about the members going in to the military – and even ended their contracts without informing their Japanese label as well – their Japanese label left a message that was not the kindest towards the former Korean company…I am really happy that the guys have managed to stay together, and that they are going to keep going in the music industry. I am peeved (more like pissed) at their former company for lying about their situation – and for making fans believe they were breaking up and going in to the military! We’ll get everything updated quickly, so the fans can all know what is going on!
        ~ Manwon^^

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