13 comments on “Rion Five

    • It does seem likely but without an announcement I can’t be certain, because this is a special collaboration with a Chinese company, it could be that for some reason Kangsan wasn’t able to get a visa. I’m going to give it a little longer to see what happens. ~ James

  1. **edited by kpopinfo114 to exclude information that was not confirmed**

    Source: Rion Five International Fanpage, Narda Entertainment Website, RionFiveTV on Youtube (where you can hear them calling fellow members by full name, as in “min seokjae” and “jang yousung”)

    • Since Narda Entertainment is the only official source here that I have time to check, I am unable to confirm this information. I am sorry, but we are unable to include this information. Narda Entertainment does not include their real full names anywhere on the site. So at this time we cannot add that information. I hope you understand.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We have not been able to find most of the members real names. Our profiles always list Stage Name (Real Name). Hopefully they release that eventually. ~James

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