5 comments on “T♔ARA / T-ara N4 / Boram / Elsie / Hyomin / Jiyeon

    • Until its confirmed we won’t do anything. Its really up to the members and the types of contracts they can get. The SHINHWA members are all signed to different companies than the group, but their contracts are not exclusive (or they have clauses that allow them to work with other companies) so they can do solo stuff and they can promote as SHINWA, g.o.d and Brown Eyed Girl’s are the same. T-Ara could end up like SS501 and forever be on hiatus or 2AM where all members constantly deny a disbandment but it will be a long time before there is a group comeback if there ever is one. Or they decide to all go seperate ways and disband. Or they can choose to stay together and make their own company and possible have to come back with a new group name like Highlight. There are so many rumors going around about the future of T-ARA that until the members say something I am not going to touch this page ~ James

  1. The picture in Boram’s profile is Soyeon and in Soyeon’s profile is Boram 🙂

    EDIT: this information has been used to correct the page.

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