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    • Hunus’s statement says that A-tom is going to focus on JBJ and when his activities with JBJ finish they will decided what to do with his future then. This is basically HUNUS’s way of saying without saying that A-Tom also left Topp Dogg, and that after JBJ if they can convince him to stay at their company he will attempt to go solo.

      Honestly unless the final Topp Dogg members find a way to stand out on the UNIT and the program ends up with Produce 101 like success, I don’t think Topp Dogg will have more than one more comeback and that by the end of 2018 they will disband unfortunately. And I say that as a Topp Klass since before the group even debuted. ~ James

  1. They finally made an announcement on TOPPDOGG today. I didn’t know if you’ve seen it yet or not, so I figured I’d let you know just incase.

    • I did see it, I knew it was coming when they updated their profile picture on FB. Hunus always does this. They always try to offset the news by posting something positive like a comeback, or that the group is going to be doing some activity, and it was no different this time. ~ James

  2. I’ve heard that Nakta, P-Goon and Hansol are simply on a break and the remaining five members are performing as a sub unit because Hansol is suffering from depression, Nakta is making music and P-Goon is taking a break. Might be false but that explains why they cropped the three out, as it was a sub-unit. Or that whole paragraph was false and all three actually left. Also people are thinking that A-Tom will rejoin, yet again, might be false, but that’s what I heard

    • If it were a sub unit they would have said it on the poster, and if they were just taking a break Hunus would be the first company to actually to crop do so. Groups only edit group photos like that when they have had a line-up change and Hunus is one of the most shady companies ever. If the members do come back we will move them but until then… ~James

    • We don’t have a specific dates, but the group recently announced they will be performing at a concert with B.I.G, WINNER and iKON, and they edited them out of the photo for the concert poster. ~James

      • Oh, now I saw it
        I’m really sad ;-; I know that Hansol was going through some problems, so it’s not a big~ surprise, but I’m shocked that P-Goon and Nakta also left
        Topp Dogg had an amazing potential, but I’m afraid that their road is comming to an end, I love them a lot

      • P-Goon leaving was surprising, and Hansol I saw coming, I really hope that he finds some happiness, I’ve been very worried about him. Nakta also wasn’t a big surprise to me, they didn’t seem to be giving him what he wanted, so hopefully him doing his solo thing and his soundcloud works out for him better too. ~James

  3. I honestly don’t think Underdogg or G every truly existed. I feel like Stardom kept the boys around so they could perform as back up dancers but that’s it. There was never going to be an official sub-unit debut because Stardom, now Hunus, couldn’t even afford to pay or promote Topp Dogg. So many people continue to reference those groups but they literally haven’t done anything besides one or two performances with Jiwon and Heyontae.
    Besides, there is another group that has debuted as Underdog. To debuted as a slightly altered version of that name is not only a dick move but probably illegal in regards to copyright.
    First Street is INCREDIBLE and it could be what TD needs to break into the big leagues. Hunus needs to drop any other trainees and or upcoming groups and focus solely on these boys for now.

    • Topp Dogg G performed many times over seas in China and Japan ~ Plus the members of Topp Dogg G were used for the recordings of the songs in other languages – they even have promotional pictures in the albums.
      With the change to Hunus we figured they have left the company.

      Stardom has made announcements that Underdogg was what they called their trainees, which is why we removed Underdogg from the page.
      ~ Manwon^^

  4. Andy has left UNDER DOGG and is now promoting as an independent solo artist, a new UNDER DOGG member is Shim Jaehoon (he’s a former Cube trainee)

    • I was able to confirm that Andy has left, and is releasing a solo album, but I can’t confirm that Shim Jaehoon has actually joined Under Dogg – it does appear that he is now a trainee there, but I don’t know what his position is. I am also trying to figure out if Under Dogg is even a sub-unit, or if it is what they call their trainees. A notice by Stardom (now Hunus) about Seogoong has had me wondering about this for a while now. Anyways – thank you for letting us know about Andy (we’ll make him his own profile now) and I will keep a look out for Shim Jaehoon actually being part of Under Dogg, but until I can confirm his role within the group I can’t yet add him.
      ~ Manwon^^

  5. Seogoong going to UnderDogg was his choice. ToppDogg’s Real Concept is Member Exchange and any member can switch to any sub-unit at any time, so the members you see in the sub-units may be in the official group in the future likewise members in the official group might go in the sub-units in the future, they can switch back and forth when ever they like. It was mention in the beginning of Topp Dogg’s career. International fans didn’t know cause it wasn’t translated back then…

    • I vaguely remember hearing something about this back then, but I shrugged it off cause Super Junior was supposed to be the same things, as well as After School – but neither group seemed to do much in that area…and from the post regarding Seogoong, the post did make it sound like Underdogg may actually debut soon – with Seogoong in it, as a totally separate entity from Topp Dogg ~ I love these boys, and will forever support each and every one of them…even if that means that they each go solo I need to start buying like 13 (or more, cause if Jiwon ever goes solo I am following that boy where ever he goes) solo cds in a single month, I will do it ~
      Thank you for bringing up this point here on our site!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • From what I know Under Dogg are staring off as a now 5 member sub-unit of Topp Dogg and in the future they might become a separate group (kinda like Orange Caramel they started off as a sub-unit of After School but now their classed as a totally separate group)
        And your welcome 🙂

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