6 comments on “TINT

  1. TINT’s manager has apparently left GH Ent. The staff on their café page are deleting posts asking about TINT’s whereabouts. The members haven’t updated their SNS since December, while Korean fans are speculating that they may disband.

    • I have thought that for a while. GH is really focused on B.I.G. Unfortunately speculation is just speculation and we can’t do much besides that. It could be that they are re-branding or something too. ~James

    • I Just checked GH’s website and TINT is still on their page (http://www.gh-ent.co.kr/sub/artist.php?cat_no=4). While it is true the group has not updated any of their pages (aside from twitter since last year), we can’t assume that TINT is gone. GH could be rebranding TINT in an effort to boost their popularity. There have been no announcements so for now they will stay where they are. ~James

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