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    • Thanks, I’m going to wait a day or two to see if they release a solo picture for her, and any more information. I also cant clearly hear if her name is Dayeon or Dahyeon, so I want to wait for a textual announcement so that I get her name correct. ~ James

      • As I have said many many many many times before whithout an official announcement of some sort I cannot update that with just a picture ~ James

      • She’s literally in their profile picture for instagram and they just released a video on their facebook with her in it. plus why would they do a photoshoot with her if she wasn’t a member?

      • Still cant do anything because they haven’t given me a name for her or anything or announced that the girl that they followed on IG is the same girl in that picture (and I don’t assume anything because of her profile picture on IG.) It is clear that they do have a 4th member again, but until they give me more infomation I can’t do anything. And next time giving me the link to the picture on facebook is a lot better than just a link to a saved picture.

  1. I think Usi is out. She changed her instagram to her real name, the official instagram deleted all solo pictures of her, and a new member has been performing instead of her. I don’t know what’s up with Duna either. She hasn’t been promoting with BADKIZ either and also changed her Instagram (and her profile is from when she was in Hotties), she is the only member who still talks to Usi. However, Duna’s solo pictures are still on instagram. She might be on a break (like K.me was for awhile) but Usi I think is definitely out.

    • It is possible and I have already seen the fancams procolaiming the new members but until we get confirmation from the group or ZOO entertainment there is not much we can do. ~ James

      • I did see that, like I said to another commentor, If they changed all of their SNS that would be a much stronger clue. I did message their FB asking for an answer, and they did see it, but they haven’t responded, so I’m guessing that they are just going to ignore my question. Their company is usually pretty good at keeping fans in the loop, so I will continue checking all of their other SNS sites ~ James

  2. 2 Months Ago, Somin released a solo duet with HIGHTOP (forgot the group he’s in), but wouldn’t that count as a solo debut since they also promoted it for a while on music shows?

  3. well despite being very short the entertainment listed it as an official music video for ‘Give it to me’

  4. I can’t wait for their new comeback😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Hi, I’m a huge Goodkiz of Badkiz I’m still finding Haneul’s, Yeunji’s, Yoomin’s and Hana’s social media but I can’t find you know they’re accounta?
    Sorry for my Bad English⚘

    • We’ve talked about this before – I need official sources – not fan run sites, and I can’t accept youtube videos as much of anything either if there isn’t more to go with the video – Unfortunately, I have nothing to go on here with what was provided, I do apologize for that.
      ~ Manwon^^

  6. Apparently lua left the group. She unfollowed everyobe on instragram and badkiz official instagram unfollowed her. Theres a new single coming out next week. And a new member is there and lua is not

    • According to the company Lua had to leave the group because of an injury, though I doubt that is truly the case. The company says this was recently decided, but if they already have a new single prepared with the new member, this was well planned. The company will release more information about the new member soon, and when they do we will update their page ~James