101 comments on “Badkiz

  1. JUST in case you missed it 🙂

    Besides is it just me or does anyone else think their new members could be twins? 😀

  2. I know you will wait until they will release the teaser and ect. but I want to give you already some informations I find on Internet
    I think the new member, his name is SolB / Sol.B (솔비) and I also find his account on Instagram

    • I already have all the information, though I appreciate you letting us know!, I just haven’t been on the site much recently because I’ve been going to a weddings over the past two weekends and those celebrations have been extending into the week days too hahaha – but I will get it updated as soon as I can
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Yes, I have already added her to the list. Manwon^^ has some other things to do right now, in a few days she will probably have some time to update. Please be patient and we will get things up when we have time ~ James

    • I’m kinda surprised because she has worked so hard to get them noticed, but hopefully she gets more recognition as a soloist than she did as a member of the group. I’m surprised the group is still going honestly ~ James

      • When did she say that, because all i saw in the vlive whas that she is releasing a solosong on wednesday. And their new maknae Solbi litterally just posted her greeting message earlier today. And Lohee also just introduced herself and said that her and Solbi will be active from their seventh album which is being prepared now ~ James