6 comments on “2EYES

  1. Lee hyangsook participated in MIXNINE, in episode 2 they mentioned the word “disband” when they visited sidus HQ. However, i’m not sure whether they really said 2eyes disbanded or not..ugh my poor korean ==

      • In addition to that Yeon-Jun actually appeared on the same episode with Hyang Sook as if she was still in the group. Its very confusing because she wasn’t with the girls during the previous comeback, so I assumed she was out…

      • The group had announced that she had left prior to the Pippi comeback, but my guess is that she stayed under contract under the company and that after the group disbanded Hyang Sook also stayed under contract with the company and Sidus may try to form a new group after this program possibly. ~ James

  2. This is the same situation with Jieun from 1PS, Yeon Jun has stopped appearing at events with them for a while and didn’t even appear on the companies official calender. Their company doesn’t seem like one to give out official statements, however, so don’t expect an official statement (Unless they make a comeback).

    • Thank you for letting us know ~ I did manage to get this changed for their profile after confirming from twitters and recent performances that Yeon Jun has left the group.

      I just want you to know that we appreciate all of your comments, you definitely love kpop and the girl groups especially, but it would help us out immensely if you left sources with the information you leave! We can’t change profiles with information unless we can confirm it through official sources, and if you added links with your comments it would allow us to get things updated much more quickly!!!!!

      I am still trying to find time to sift through all your comments – so I do want to apologize for not getting to them quicker! And I do want to thank you for all your comments, I just need to verify everything before I can do anything!!!!

      Thank you again!
      ~ Manwon^^

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