10 comments on “WINNER / Kang Seungyoon

    • Papa YG did some interviews where he said that he seriously considered adding One to Winner, but ultimately decided to debut him as a solo artist…….so the answer is NO!!!….One won’t be a new member of Winner (Unless Papa YG troll us again with a sudden change of heart)– Katie

  1. The debut date of WINNER has been delayed to August. They’ll have a launching show on Aug 6 but their album will be released on Aug 12.

    • I totally forgot I still have their old debut date on there! Thank you for letting me know. I will add their debut date and move them when I know more about their specific debut date (showcases, and album releases rarely are considered debut dates by the group/company/fans – it’s usually their first stage performance on a music program – though some groups have different debut dates that they’ve set specifically i.e. – Halo debuted at Dream Concert 2014)
      So thank you for letting me know I left the old debut month on there
      ~ Manwon^^

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