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    • Yes I know, I updated it yesterday after I stopped crying. They uploaded a goodbye video for him on YT, so i have officially quit this group as well. Without E.co there is nothing *sobs* ~James

      • I’m gonna miss him for the next 2 years -cries irl- I hate mandatory service, why do they do this to us!!!

  1. **edited to remove unofficial source**
    Maybeit’sjustoverreactingor misunderstanding:
    wengie says at about 9:52 that Henry/Prince Mak (They’ve been good friends for a long time, Ilove her vids xD) that he WAS a k-pop Idol in korea…
    don’t know if Mak only stops promoting in Korea or is completely out of the group or it’s just a misunderstanding

    sorry for themay unnessasary (may not spelled right, sorry) commentary!

    • Prince Mak has stated on radio just a few weeks ago that he is still in JJCC. He is just taking some time while they promote in Japan and will be back to promoting with them for their next Korean promotions. Many fans have misunderstood his time away from them as him leaving, but for once that is not the case.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • He seems to only have been the leader during their Bing Bing promotions. Simba has since taken over the leader duties again. You can check their posts on SNS where the frequently refer to him as the leader. ~James

  2. I don’t want to come of as if I’m in a hasty mood, but have you guys heard of the group being formed called Varsity?

      • Yea haha they’re looking like they will be an interesting group when they debut, from what I’ve read they have a few members who’s fluent in korean, chinese, english, french, & arabic

      • We are working on getting official links up for the groups, until then you can just search JJCC of FB. That will not only give you their page but also fan communities where you can meet and chat with fans and learn about the groups there. ~James

    • We do agree with you – we think he is out too, and we are going to move him, but he makes it confusing since he performed with them the last time they were in China and he thanked fans for the 1000 day JJCC anniversary – so it’s hard to say OFFICIALLY if he is out or not. We do agree with you though, we think he is out too
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Thank you so much for sharing that link. Manwon^^ and I literally spent an hour last night debating what to do about him since so many people have been confused by him recently. I feel like Prince Mak has just been trolling everyone by waiting so long to clear the air. ~James

      • Yeah it’s hard to say officially for sure, I know that companies have nothing to gain by confirming stuff like this and only have things to lose (fans) but it’s still really annoying!

        Also this is probably my last comment till Christmas season is over so just wanted to say Happy Holidays to James and Manwon^^ (and also Katie if she’s still on board!) thanks for everything!

      • You are so sweet! We actually just got a comment last night that linked us to a program where Mak just said he is still in JJCC just not while they are doing their Japanese promotions currently ~ so we finally got an official statement!
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Thank you for your kind message: Happy Holidays for you too!!!!! 🙂 I’m still on board but due to personal reasons I’m less active than my fellow Gurus – Katie

  3. They released a teaser video for their new song “ToDay” without Prince Mak. He did just go through an ear infection surgery so he’s probably on a temporary hiatus from the group. Just some quick info 😀

    • Why is it so hard to find any information. Every morning I wake up and say to myself “today is the day Jackie Chan will finally tell us more about E.Co *cough* *cough* The Boys”

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