17 comments on “BIGFLO

    • I am dying to know more too^^ I have been following this group since last year ~ and was super excited for their debut ~ We try to give you all 100% correct information, so we don’t add information unless it comes from their official sites, and unfortunately the company hasn’t given us more info ~ the moment more is given we will definitely update^^

      p.s. who is your favorite member so far? I definitely love Ron, though I love them all^^

    • And your comment made me curious, so I went to see if their info could be found on a different reliable website – Melon had their profiles fully updated!!!! WOOT ~ so now we have full profiles, with accurate information! Now we just have to wait for a fanclub name^^

    • I know James already replied to you ~ but I wanted to let you know that I have been checking Bigflo’s official website, daum, facebook, and twitter (I am super obsessed with this group already), and I haven’t found their birth years on any official website, though I have seen the fan made profiles being spread around ~ we are hesitant to add new information that hasn’t been given by official sources ~ we will keep checking though, and see what we can find^^
      Thank you for the info ~ Manwon^^

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