33 comments on “BIGFLO

    • That is all speculation at this point so until there is something official that tells us where his passport is from or he says something more definitive we can’t do anything. Maybe he is Korean and really loves Canadian maple syrup and wants to spread his love about that. ~James

    • I am dying to know more too^^ I have been following this group since last year ~ and was super excited for their debut ~ We try to give you all 100% correct information, so we don’t add information unless it comes from their official sites, and unfortunately the company hasn’t given us more info ~ the moment more is given we will definitely update^^

      p.s. who is your favorite member so far? I definitely love Ron, though I love them all^^

    • And your comment made me curious, so I went to see if their info could be found on a different reliable website – Melon had their profiles fully updated!!!! WOOT ~ so now we have full profiles, with accurate information! Now we just have to wait for a fanclub name^^

    • I know James already replied to you ~ but I wanted to let you know that I have been checking Bigflo’s official website, daum, facebook, and twitter (I am super obsessed with this group already), and I haven’t found their birth years on any official website, though I have seen the fan made profiles being spread around ~ we are hesitant to add new information that hasn’t been given by official sources ~ we will keep checking though, and see what we can find^^
      Thank you for the info ~ Manwon^^

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