19 comments on “History

  1. They disbanded 😦 I only have a screenshot so cant put it here, but you can find it on the Internet…

      • Oh yes. We’re all furious at Fave and so upset! We were all patiently waiting for some news of future activities possibly without Kyungil, and then this happened! History deserved better! And Storia would have waited until they were all out of their military service! Added to that none of them look too happy about it so Storia aren’t happy.

  2. incase you missed out, Jaeho also have twitter account. it’s *Removed*
    And the two youngest have soundcloud account.
    Jaeho = nano-nano-77
    Yijeong = jangyijeong

    *About Jaeho delete all his photo, some Storia’s I know believe he did that because he want to make a ‘swag’ image for his SMTM 6 entry.
    It’s a nerve wrecking when many people keep think they’re going disband coz Kyungil is enlisted but please keep on positive mind that they doing just fine and probably taking a break from group activities. Beside, seem like Kyungil sometimes stay at dorm too when he gets a day off of his Police duty (He enlisted as Policeman not in Military). So I think he still can keep on eyeing other member too. True that there’s this time when many Storia thinking that they going to disband because of Dokyun’s IG post of “Forever? Whatever” but that’s probably his sensitive moment of being left by his ‘older’ brother ^_^; (well, Dokyun always said that he LOVE all his member like a true brother and that they’re like a true family for him). Now he seem enjoy his day offs and so does other member with their own personal activities. Personally I would like to see more support for them, specially in this time of them being on a break and not being scared for uncertain negative news as they going disband for example. Anyway, hope that little info is helpful and so sorry if the comment become so long.

    • I cannot verify his twitter account so I cannot add that, and as for the personal soundclouds. At this time we only add soundclouds for solo artists (especially the rappers because they often do not have companies or homepages) maybe we will add those in the future but for right now that is not on our list of projects to do. ~James

  3. Where they are changing their Instagram usernames, I’m worried they are going to disband😣.. I might just be over thinking, though fingers crossed their not.

    • With Kyungil in the military, the lack of love they get in Korea, I have been thinking the same thing. Especially since when Jaeho he deleted all of his pics (though idols are know for doing that, specifically Seungyoon of Winner and Yongguk from BAP) I hope its not the case, I really love their music, but if it is I hope we can continue seeing the different members. (But really I want Kyungil back) ~James

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