14 comments on “Hello Venus

    • Its not a comeback sadly… Their just releasing a song for us HelloCupids to celebrate the 4 years of HelloVenus 😉

      • It’s still a comeback though ~ even if they don’t promote it…comeback implies releasing new music and coming back with something new ~ celebration of an anniversary or not^^

  1. Seoyoung and Yeoreum are both vocals
    Alice is the new leader
    And Nara is still the Visual 😛
    Yeoreum’s real name is Ahn Chaeyeon and she is 167 cm tall and shes 47 kg 😀
    All this info is REAL ;D

    • Do you have links to an Official source? Everytime we have checked the official sources that we know of the, the only information is the information that we have so we can’t update anything. ~James

      P.S. = we don’t include Visuals on any profile unless that is their only position in the group

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