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  1. Have enough time pass by to consider them as disbanded? What do you think? And same questions to K-girls. Third thing: WordPress apparently did it again and didn’t save Hotties profile to disbanded list.

    • GP Basic was actually promoting a video game just last year with the currently line-up, Manwon^^ and I probably won’t be talking about possibly silently disbanded groups for a few months yet, we usually spend several hours discussing each group before disbanding a group without an announcement ~ James

      • Really?! So they are still alive. Sadly I think no one knows it. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate how seriously you take this kind of things.

      • Yeah it was the strangest thing, I don’t remember exactly why I searched them since I never listened to them aside of capping their MVs but I did, and the first naver result was posted like a week before about them promoting some video game or something. Manwon^^ and I were ready to say they had disbanded quietly right before that. It’s one of the reasons it takes us so much time to talk about possibly disbanded groups. ~ James

      • That’s insane! (although all my biases left TT)
        Do you have a link to their advertisement to the video game?

      • All I can find now is blog posts about it, but if you just search their name in either english or korean on naver they will show up, and I was wrong, it was mid 2016 not last year, so I am adding them to manwon^^’s list of groups we need to look into, since there has been nothing since then ~ James

      • I got that that updated, the fact that she is still hashtaging could be either because GP Basic is still a thing, or because that is what she is known for. From her pictures it does not appear that she is doing much as a singer, but maybe as a model. The last group photo i can find is from the time when the group was modeling for that game, shortly before that she also posted a picture of a cake for their 6th anniversary that year, but not one for their 7th anniversary. Again that isn’t super definitive either way but it is something to consider ~ James

  2. Gp Basic did Disband. Their website is gone. If you look at the comments in their recent mv of Pika Burnjuck. Its sad.

    • Almost all small companies delete group websites. A website disappearing does not equal disbandment. And fans jump to conclussions all the time over small things like that. Until an official announcment is made or they have been inactive for a few years we don’t assume a group has disbanded. I hope that makes sense.

    • For groups on smaller companies sometimes they go away for a few years to raise funding for promotions, or to completely rebrand a group and get some intense training in. For many reasons groups go silent for longer periods of time then the fans would like, I don’t know if GP Basic has simply silently disbanded or if they are just taking this time to improve themselves and come back better than ever (take Rania for example, they were silent for a LONG time and now have returned to take the kpop scene by storm with some new kick butt members) So, for now I am going to hold out hope that we will see GP Basic again – it’s only been about a year since they ended their Chinese promotions, which is not that long for a group to go silent and make a comeback.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Please put requests on the request page, or they will be ignored in the future. We have added this request to our list of requests already. Also, please only include information in ANY comment only if you have sourced the information!
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. I’m not sure if this is accurate or not, but Janey and Trinity have both left the group leaving 3 members.
    Currently Amet, Zion and Mui perform as GP something as like a sub unit or some sort in China. Not sure if their coming back to Korea anytime soon

    • Thank you for letting us know! As of right now, I am able to confirm that Janey left the group. She is going to start up a solo career, unfortunately I can’t confirm that Trinity left the group. I will keep looking into it, but unless I can confirm Trinity leaving officially I can’t change it. I hope you understand. Also again, thank you for letting us know!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Currently we only include twitter accounts for members, and only for the members who are still in the group on the profiles (for former members twitter accounts check our list under Idol SNS).

      As for visual, we do not list visual as an official position (unless that is their only position) because we believe that every person should choose their own visual for the group. ~James

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