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  1. Will you be putting Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun as past members now? SM has confirmed they have left both SNSD and the company also Tiffany and Sooyoung have removed Girls Generation from their IG bio’s T.T

    • I have not seen any confirmation aside from an report from “An inside source” which means that info is not official. If SM had confirmed it it would have been all over their SNS pages. My belief is that they are out of the group but there are still some details that SM and the Girls are working out before the official announcement. SM is not a company that will leave us hanging for a long time, so hopefully everything will be announced soon. ~ James

      • But there are multiple reports everywhere stating SM said the three off them did not renew their contracts… So I think they did leave the group? But I know you need more actual real sources, so just dropping a thought and question here if you have any more real news?

      • Nothing from SM officially, one unnamed source supposedly from SM said that they left and then multiple news articles latched on to that like wildfire. It is true that their contracts have ended, but Suzy’s contract was expired for 4 months before she re-signed with JYP. So those three girls could be seeing if they can get better offers and figuring out what they want to do. ~ James

    • Thanks for the article, but I’m hesitant to update that because the news was supposedly confirmed by “an inside source” and I haven’t seen any information from SM themselves on any of SNSD’s official sites and those 3 girls also haven’t confirmed anything themselves. So my best guess is that the girls are out but there are some details that need to be finalized before them or the company can officially say anything. If I see more articles, or something more official than “an inside” source I can update that. Hopefully it is only a few days max. When Jessica was removed from the group both the company and her confirmed the news within hours, but it’s been a day since the news was leaked and no1 is talking. ~ James

  2. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK 😍😍😍😍😍😍I’m so in love w/ these girls

  3. Ohm I just came up here and saw youhaven’t listed Tiffany’s Heartbreak hotel music video
    since it is listed as music video on smtowns official channel I guess it is a music video?? LOL xD

    here’s the link to it 🙂

    • I must have accidentally deleted Tiffany’s solo info when I added Seohyeon’s.

      We did not and will not add Hyoyeons song because it is part of the SM station project. We do not include any song released through station. Just like had she released a solo song for an OST we wouldn’t count it. Or like why we aren’t counting Triple T (Hyoyeon Min and Jo Kwon) as a new group because it was a Station song. ~James