25 comments on “G.I (Global Icon)

    • Thank you for the link ~ Hee So hashtagged a picture on her instagram with Uhoo recently ~ so we will get that updated!
      Please do know, for future reference, we don’t make changes based on names and looks alone – we need something like birthdays, or posts on their official pages – too many artists to actually share names – and just based on looks alone doesn’t work – too many people look a like. I just want to let you know that because I know you always try to help us with our profiles ~ which we appreciate SOOO MUCH ~ but we always need more than just names and looks for our information ~
      Again, thank you, and we always appreciate the help!
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Heeso left the group. She’s back with HEXE and is getting ready for a comeback with them. She’s already done photo shoots with them and promotional things.

    • She did not leave the group. HEXE is a project she is working on currently though – she made that clear on her instagram where she used the hashtag “projectgroup” – she still appears to be with G.I based on that hashtag – we will add that she is also in HEXE as a project to her profile.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Thanks for letting us know ~ we’ve known about this but simply have not had time to update the page ~ we’ll get this updated as soon as we can
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Thank you for this update! It hard to keep up with all the changes (there’s only two of us doing everything), though we do our best, we always end up missing some, so your heads up with this is really helpful and appreciated! Thank you again! ~Manwon^^

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