7 comments on “The Boss (DGNA) / Popsicle

    • Well Lee is his family name. I can’t get any more meaning from that. The members all still follow each other and The Boss does have frequent Korean promotions. However I would not be surprised if their contracts all ended and they stopped being a group, but I cannot say anything is definite from an Instagram bio and I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. ~ James

  1. Hii I have an idea for this site
    My idea is to create a site which to create a label belongs to a group or a solo, when the person click on the label’s name appears all groups and soloist are in this label
    Example: JYP: GOT7, TWICE, Stray Kids and others
    I hope you will understand what do I mean

    • We have thought about doing somethhing likenthat for a while now but it would be a massjjve undertaking because of how many companies and independent artusts there are and since many groups/companies also change… maybe in the future ~ James

  2. Being a Master is such a greatful thing for me .. And they were one of my inspiration that’s why I am here in the midst of my dreams .. preparing myself to face the new challenges with them .. I also feel now that they really belong in my family .. Talented guys, goodluck to us !! ^_^

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