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    • According to Buffy’s instagram, from when he announced that he was going into the millitary he did not use the verb “to leave the group” in his message, which is why I didn’t move him to former member. I do agree that the most likely outcome for Madtown as a group is disbandment, but until anything is announced I am leaving thei page as is. ~ James

  1. MADTOWN Individual Instagram:
    Buffy: *Removed*
    H.O: *Removed*
    Daewon : *Removed*
    Moos : *Removed*
    Wait for Lee Geon, Heo Jun and Jota Open his account

    • Hahahahahha, Its because Jota is just so freaking awesome that no1 in K-pop even comes close to him. Everyone wishes they were Jota. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We got his position fixed. XD ~James

    • Yes we are aware of their comeback. We already follow all of their SNS accounts. Manwon^^ and I have been huge fans of MADTOWN since Pro C. Unfortunately we have lives outside of the site. After spending almost 6 hours of playing catch up with profile updates we needed a break. We will get their profile updated when we can. Please be patient. ~James

  2. I want to write real name some of them,
    Daewon : Park Daewon,
    Lee geon : Lee Kyungtak,
    Jota : Lee Jonghwa,
    H.O : Song Jaeho
    Heojun is his real name but i don’t know his last name.

    Hope this is can help you to complete this profile of Madtown.
    you can see their link on youtube ‘jtunecamp’ : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xhy2n281v3g 😊😊

    • I could confirm Daewon’s Jota’s and H.O’s names up to a point ~ but I could not confirm Heojun’s or Lee Geon’s names at all through the video
      We’ll change what we can, and we hope you understand why we can’t add everything. Thank you so much for providing the link!
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Woahh, Madtown!! They are my 2nd bias group and i love them soo much!! I’ve been their fan since January 2015 and My bias is H.O <

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