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    • We know, I told Manwon^^ about it the day her song was released. She was taking a much needed break, but unfortunately that has caused us to become backed up again, it will take us some time to get things done. ~James

  1. Hey! So, I’m a bit confused, I’ve heard at least three or more variations of rumors, but do we know if EvoL is disbanded or is the project still active..? It breaks my heart as I LOVE EvoL and got back into them, literally, one day before the announcement about the members.. I am very confused about their current status. :/

    • There has been no official statementade by the company at this time about EvoL disbanding. Many fans speculate that since so many members left that the group is over, but with the company announcing only the members who left I suspect we will see EvoL again with a revamped line-up. Unfortunately, til more information is released there’s nothing else to know at this time except that there are only two members left at the company.
      Sorry I can’t be more specific, but without official announcements I can’t confirm anything else, beyond two members remain at the company.
      ~ Manwon^^

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