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    • I have never heard the members say that they have official colors. As far as I know it’s like 2PM where each member unofficially has a color that the fans use but I have never seen EXO say anything about it ~ James

  1. Excuse me i just want to tell you that Kris is not a former member. He is in hiatus or take a break because of the lawsuit problem. SM against about Kris’s leaving and SM not confirm yet, he’s not leaving, just take a break ^^


    • Manwon^^ and I have made the decision (after several very long discussions about the matter) to move Kris to former members until the contract issue is figured out. From the way the past few months have gone EXO is now an 11 member group. (And I don’t just mean him not promoting with the group)

      It is our opinion that even were Kris to loose his lawsuit, there is too much hurt between him and the members for him to rejoin EXO, and he would be utilized elsewhere. If we are incorrect in that assumption and Kris does comeback to EXO we will move him back. I hope you understand our reasoning ~James

    • Thanks, I had it correct on the post and must have just been typing to fast, and automatically added the ‘g’ on their page^^ I did get it fixed! Thank you!

  2. Hello. I just wanted to tell you I think.your heights are off.for.some of the members. Kai and sehun arent five nine. Im pretty sure the cm are right but didnt translated correctly to feet and inches 🙂

    • The heights are accurate ~ I have done the math multiple times to double check^^ I appreciate your concern though, we work hard to give accurate information here ~ I just want to be clear that when a conversion is done to feet and inches – it can’t just be done in feet and the decimal place is the inches – that is not inches, that is how many point ft…inches has to be calculated from the decimal place and is a different number ~ I hope that makes sense: So 5ft 9in is 5.75ft
      ~ Manwon^^

      • I appreciate your work but it seems that even with such logic, their heights still do not match. For example, Kai’s height is given as 182cm which is 6ft but next to it, it says 5ft 9inches. So if that is 5ft 9inches, then why is Tao’s height 6ft if he’s only 1cm taller?

      • I do apologize – you are perfectly correct – I was working off a conversion that was wrong (and I had finished EXO’s profile before I had fixed the problem), I totally forgot to change the EXO profile, I have now changed the EXO heights – with correct conversions. Thank you for being patient, and for pointing it out again (I thought I had fixed the conversion problem before I uploaded the profile, and I obviously did not)
        ~ Manwon^^

    • Hello ~ I want to extend an apology to you. I checked the heights again for EXO – and you were perfectly correct when you said the heights were off (I thought I had already changed the conversion error by the time I got to EXO – but I hadn’t) – I have now updated the pages, with the correct heights ~ I do want to apologize again! You were so right! (and I am terribly embarrassed for my response earlier). Thank you for your patients
      ~ Manwon^^

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