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    • We respect Hong Kong’s desire to be a separate country from China despite what China says. I have never met a person from Hong Kong who says that they are Chinese. On top of that People from Hong Kong hold a different passport than people from China. ~James

    • His solo is already listed. Because it is a Chinese release we are not adding the actual information, just like Lay’s solo from EXO, or Yunho from TVXQ’s solo in Japan. ~ James

  1. I thought BamBam was also a dancer like Mark, JB, Jackson, Junior and Yugyeom. Lol, wait, is everyone a dancer haha

  2. It’s been confirmed that Jr. has changed his stage name to Junior last month on the 5th. It’s still pronounced the same but he said that people were getting confused by his stage name because they thought it was pronounced J.R when actually it was always pronounced Junior so thats why he’s changed it to spelling it that way so people are less confused 🙂

  3. Yugyeom’s height has been updated on the official Japanese site for their JPN comeback it’s 182 now

    • Thank you for letting us know ~ we’ll get that changed! I wonder if he’s going to end up being one of those tall, manly maknaes JYP seems to have in abundance with his boy groups hahahaha
      ~ Manwon^^

      • iKON’s Chanwoo and Junhoe are going in that direction too (Tall maknaes).

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