11 comments on “BEATWIN

    • Just because he changed his IG, it does not mean that he is leaving the group. He has supposedly been confirmed to join the Unit and but the group has not said anything one way or another. All I have seen is one news article that doesn’t give any indication of how they have that information, so as far as I am concerned it’s like “an unnamed source” or “sources say”, or “an insider says” instead of a “Representative from the company.” We may have to wait until the program airs. ~ James

      • I’m sorry i was just wondering since he didn’t mention the group in a while on his IG 😦 I’m glad that they will join the unit & i hope that the truth will coming soon

    • I have heard that, but despite the fact that that is from an news source, they do not say where they got that information from, and the company hasn’t said anything. Most news articles say that it was confirmed by the company or confirmed by the member, or they have something that we can then further verify. If the company doesn’t say anything we may have to wait to see what is on the broadcast for him. Hopefully they say something soon. ~James

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