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    • We already have a solo profile for him. I believe Royal Class is actually the crew that he is apart of, and for now we are not going to be making any crew profiles. ~ James

  1. I didn’t know they have disbanded already…they aren’t listed on the dibanded groups lists so I guess that made me confused.

    • The company has never made an announcement about this – the company just deleted their profile from the website. We only moved them after it became clear that over half of the members have left the company, and have been doing other projects – and the members who remain at MBK are either practicing with other people (Kio) or appear to only be acting ~ so the company never made it clear what happened to Speed.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Yes, I have know about this. I have been waiting to see if there is more confirmation from MBK if Speed is over or not, because if Speed really did disband when their profile was taken off the site than Jungwoo is NOT a “former member” of Speed he would have stayed with the group until they disbanded – if Speed somehow comes back then Jungwoo would need to be moved to former member. I don’t want to make any assumptions on the status of Speed yet, so we are sitting by hoping for more news.
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. Kangho was never apart of SPEED he left Co-ED School before SPEED had their debut so he’s not a past member…

    • It looks like Sungmin left too
      Thanks for sending the link! We’ll get their profile updated as quickly as possible ~ it’s always sad when a line up changes, though hopefully they are all happy ~ thanks for letting us know and again thank you for the link!
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Do you know? next comeback of SPEED MBK is added 2 member for promoted.
    SPEED Now is 9 Member but wait for company announcement about 2 new member official.
    Oh Seungri is new member but wait for company confirm
    MBK TS Project – http://youtu.be/19fTD6ZkuLg (Seungri is promote about this unit)
    MNET Fancam – http://youtu.be/N0OdTUNJ-WA

    and now Noori (In-Oh) He is trainee of BigHit Entertainment
    BigHit Entertainment will form boy band rookie group name ‘6ACES’ Noori still in this group, but change stage name ‘B-WOLF’. I’m waiting for he debut again.

    Finally SPEED will back about March or April with 9 Member. ^ ^

    • We’ll see if we can confirm anything now for Speed ~ I am looking forward to making a 6Aces profile but as of yet Bighit hasn’t released any official news on the group…so we can’t make a profile ㅠ.ㅠ
      As soon as something is confirmed we’ll add/make changes as we can!

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