33 comments on “Brave Girls

  1. May you guys know what’s going on with Eunyoung?
    since she was my fave member during their original line-up and I tried to find out where she is know but sadly cannot find anything :/

  2. Hyeran is on hiatus 😊 and will return when she is fully recovered and well rested so lets not rule out anything she needs a break and shes doing whay she need to get better.

    • The daum account announcement made it very clear that both girls are out. If she does return to the group at some point we will move her back, but from the original Korean message, she is out out not on hiatus. ~James

      • if you check out the Brave Girls Rollin’ album, Hyeran sings. I think that she will still sing for now but not dance

      • She may have recorded for the album before leaving the group. Again the daum announcement made it pretty clear both girls are out

  3. Yujin left and Hyeran is taking a hiatus 😭 Their company released a statement. Brave Girls might be in their second generation soon 😭

      • When I read the daum cafe message it states that both girls are out and will focus on studying and their health. The message did state that they won’t be replacing either girl and just continue on as 5 members
        ~ Manwon^^

    • We already know, thank you for letting us know. It takes time for us to gather the profile information and pictures and get everything updated, and sometimes after a long day at work the last thing we want to do is spend another few hours working, when all we want to do is grab a cup of tea and watch a movie and relax. Please be patient and we will update Brave Girl’s profile soon. ~James

    • While we appreciate the enthusiasm please do wait a bit to let us know about these updates – we are fans of kpop too and do regularly check kpop sites for updates, but we can’t make changes right away because we work full 8 – 12 hour days, so please be patient for us
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I have not seen any news. They are still on Brave Entertainment’s webpage…though that is not really helpful as Brave also still has 1Punch on their page and we know that 1Punch disbanded. Brave is a terrible company when it comes to managing their artists. Chances are that Brave Girls is either completely disbanded or will make a sudden return after completely rebranding themselves. At least that is my guess. ~James

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